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Capital to realize ambitions

Baltisse is active in private equity through a balanced mix of direct and indirect investments. With our industrial background and independent position, we are perfectly positioned to support management teams in realizing their ambitions.

Supporting people

Building excellent and sustainable companies

Baltisse supports people. We make capital, financing and know-how available to managers who are challenged by market opportunities, and who have the energy and skills to build excellent and sustainable companies.

Investment criteria

In search of excellence

Baltisse looks to invest in companies with an established market position in our target markets, including industry, food & beverage, health care, energy and services.

We are looking for companies that provide healthy margins, are growing or form a platform for consolidation, and are (potentially) large enough. Business model should be based on a proven concept and provide potential for market leadership. We are looking for capable management teams with common values, a credible plan and sound market strategies.

We target an  investment level of  10-50 million Euros per opportunity, preferably in majority positions, in:

Growth capital

Fresh capital to accelerate growth, for example to finance investment in new production capacity, entry into new markets, new product launches and expansion of distribution capacity or to enable an add-on or transforming acquisition.

Management Buy-In or Management Buy-Out

Enabling experienced and capable management teams to become co-owners of the business they (will) run, thereby being able to share directly in the success this management is responsible for.

In addition we also provide mezzanine financing, often combined with an equity participation.

The Baltisse approach

Providing valuable input to a business strategy

Baltisse has an operational mindset and can provide valuable input to a business strategy focused on growing a business by investing in capacity expansion, operational efficiency and global market development, or through partnerships and M&A. As a family owned investment company, Baltisse has a longer investment horizon than typical Private Equity funds, without constraints on timing of investments and exits. We are flexible in our decision-making process and financing strategy.

At Baltisse, we reward people for achieving excellence and allows management to participate in the capital of the companies it is managing.


Selection of current holdings

Origis Energy

USA / Belgium

Origis Energy




Stevia One


Stevia One





Sander Boekema

Director Private Equity

Sander Boekema - Director Private Equity - Baltisse