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Within the Asset Management division, Baltisse continues to build a diversified portfolio of revenue-generating and growth-driven investments in both corporate fixed income instruments and in the equity of publicly traded companies.

Mission statement

Potential for superior returns

Baltisse firmly believes in the strengths and benefits of investing in the ‘real’ economy. Corporate bonds and equities have the potential for superior returns, and provide the means to support and stimulate entrepreneurship, thus generating economic growth.

Investment criteria

Leadership position, strong management and healthy economics

The main focus will be on European and US industrial and consumer related businesses. We prefer to invest in companies with a leadership position,  strong management and healthy economics. The focus is on liquid securities, while at all times keeping an eye open for exceptional opportunities.


Combining industrial skills with technical expertise

Combining the industrial skills of a pure entrepreneur with the technical expertise of experienced bankers allows Baltisse to be a valuable, loyal and trustworthy partner in any financial market transaction.


Marc Janssens

Director Asset Management

Marc Janssens - Director Asset Management - Baltisse