We add value in order to create remarkable real estate.
The perfect match between location and functionality

Baltisse is a developer and an investor. In a fast moving and challenging world, we are always searching for the perfect match between location and functionality. We believe flexibility and creativity are essential in finding this combination.

We use our expertise on the Belgian and Luxembourg real estate market and join forces with reliable partners to meet the ever-growing complexity of large-scale projects.

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What do we invest in?

Baltisse Real Estate focuses on professional real estate in different economic sectors, ranging from offices, logistics, retail, senior housing to mixed-use properties with residential possibilities.

A key factor is that the property, while already generating revenue, provides potential for redevelopment in the short or long terms, thereby creating added value.

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Being quick and

From our real estate offices in Ghent and Luxembourg we can take quick and efficient decisions when it comes to buying and selling properties.


Our balanced team has a proven track record in different domains of real estate to lead a professional approach based on diversified expertise.

Creative and flexible

We optimise our spaces and reshape buildings to their new destinations.

Cross border and in every segment of the real estate industry, we look for opportunities.

Know-how, flexibility and creativity are the key ingredients for strong, profitable real estate projects.

What do we invest in | Baltisse
Proven track record
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Baltisse relies on an experienced team with a creative mindset to find new opportunities, make the right decisions and move our projects forward.

Baltisse is not just an investor. We are also developers of high-value professional real estate projects around the world.
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